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We have 2 hemodialysis centres – Pusat Hemodialysis Bayan Baru in Bayan Baru which is the flagship of Sri Tanjung Medicare, and Pusat Hemodialysis Sri Tanjung in Sungai Tiram, Bayan Lepas. We provide life-saving treatment for patients diagnosed with end-stage Renal Disease.

We are equipped with 31 dialysis stations in Bayan Baru and Sungai Tiram Centre as well with a team of professionals which comprises qualified Resident Renal Medical Practitioner, nephrologists (physicians specializing in kidney diseases), registered nurses, certified hemodialysis technicians. We believe in hiring individuals, possessing both experience and empathy. Our goal is simple; to provide complete patient rehabilitation, without bias or prejudice. Since 2010, we have aided thousands of treatments on dialysis and the number continuously increasing, a proof that our professionalism and care.

Our visiting nephrologist is an experienced specialist and is just a call away. Three monthly free clinical visits are conducted and patients are welcomed to address any medical concerns during those visits.

We perform regular Quality Control (QC) checks to ensure we provide the best services to our patients. We also offer claim-processing sevices for insurance matters to our patients wherever possible as we want to make life much more convenient for them.

Features and Benefits

Covid-19 Prevention and Control

Nutrition and Dietetics

Dietary Guidelines for Adults Starting on Hemodialysis

Use this as a guide until your dietitian prepares a personalized meal plan for you.

  • Eat more high protein foods.
  • Eat less high salt, high potassium, and high phosphorus foods.
  • Learn how much fluid you can safely drink (including coffee, tea, water, and any food that is liquid at room temperature).

Eating and Nutrition for Hemodialysis

Eating well helps you stay healthy. Eating poorly can increase your chances of illness and affect how you feel.  Your dietitian will talk with you about how well you are eating and will help you adjust your diet to your individual needs based on your lab report and conversations with you.